Talk Dirty to Me

Not many people know what I do. Once I come “out of the closet” so to speak, there are always questions. I thought I would just go ahead and answer a few and then if you have more, just ask me. I am brutally honest and blunt and some of my language is not for the faint of heart. You’ve been warned.

So, what’s it like? How does it work? Do they know who you are?

When I am on, my phone rings and if it is a new client I am given the client’s name, phone number, my character name and any particulars about what I look like or what their interests are. It’s very general, “You are Rose, 35, 5’6” brunette, green eyes and 34C” and for the client it is very basic; “domination” “cross dressing” “humiliation” “likes to talk.” I have my number blocked when I call them, except when I forget which is NOT something you want to do!

I call the client, ask how they are doing and what is on their mind and that generally starts the conversation. I ask for specifics about their fantasy and the more they give me, the easier it is. A rough call is when they won’t come out and tell me what they like. How am I supposed to fulfill your fantasy if you can’t tell me?

Sometimes I am younger, older, smaller or larger breasts, curvy, black, white, pre-op transgender. It’s basically whatever meets the fantasy. I hate when they tell a client I am black though, I always get “you don’t sound black”… what is the correct response to that? One of the more difficult ones was when I was supposed to be 400 pounds and he wanted to lick between the folds of my fat and feel my thighs crushing around his head while he licked my fat pussy. He liked the “fat smell” whatever that is, bacon perhaps?

How long is a call?

I work for a small company and compared to other ones, I think they are priced very fair. They charge a flat rate for 30 minutes. That means if we are on the phone for six minutes, you still get charged for a 30 minute call. I always let them know they out of time and then they have the option of another call or not. I have one client that is a regular and he is on the phone for 28-29 minutes every time and at the end of the call, the phone just goes dead, he hangs up. At first I thought something had happened, but that is just him. I have had calls last as long as 3 ½ hours. One man buys packages of twelve calls at a time and we play over a couple of days. Some take care of business and then like to talk about work, cooking, the weather.

Have you ever had a call you couldn’t do?

I can talk about pretty much anything. I had one caller that I spoke to a couple of times and then I let the service know that I could not take him again. He wanted me to say that Satan was my Lord and Savior and I accepted him. He was into cutting and all kinds of stuff that were just out there. It probably had more to do with control and getting me to say crap, but even I have limits.

Do you get turned on?

The problem is I don’t always get to talk about what fascinates me, but occasionally I do. There are some people who just have very sexy sounding voices and very erotic fantasies. But, this is about them, it’s their time and how to make them feel special and that you are genuinely interested in what they have to say and their fantasies for a certain period of time (generally 30 minutes or less).

What do they want to talk about?

They talk about everything. I have learned a LOT about men, things I wish I had known when I was much younger. There are a few that want to talk about “normal” sex. There are some that just want to talk about life in general.

There is a huge fascination about having sex with men of other races and being dominated and having their throats and asses filled with cum. More than you can imagine like to cross-dress and be good little sissy boy/girls.


4 thoughts on “Talk Dirty to Me

  1. U r doing a great job of listening to someone who wants to speak their heart out.. At the same time I feel sad that u won’t get time or chance to say your feeling although I know u respect their time and money and feelings..


      1. Yes, you have to play multiple roles on the spot. I posted a blog about four actual calls I had one afternoon. You have to be ready for pretty much anything! I don’t judge… it’s all fun in a crazy way.

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