Talk Dirty to Me – Typical Day

Typical day?

There is no such thing! You never really know what you are getting into so you need to keep an open mind and be ready for anything.

I had four calls this afternoon and it ranged from “Mr. Sexy Voice” which is one of the more “normal” callers, generally he travels for business and is fascinated by the lingerie he imagines under women’s suits and what their “secrets” may be. He loves to hear a woman cross her legs and the sound that stockings make. Just the sound of his voice makes me wet!

“Potty Chair” (a new caller) wanted toilet training, he wants a woman to sit over his mouth directly or on a potty chair and shit directly into his mouth. He is a “Naughty Boy” and if you are shaking your head wondering “Why?” it’s just that everyone has their own kinks and it is different for everyone. He likes the bitter taste, the smell, the humiliation and I asked him if he likes it solid, soft or soupy. He likes spanking and enemas, but isn’t into golden showers. For him it’s all about the poo!

“Brokeback Mountain” I have been talking to for about four years and his fantasies vary, but it always goes back to him being a boy on his Uncle’s farm for the summer and a hired hand that was supposed to stay with him while he was camping in a tent. It was mutual consent and pleasure, but started with him unzipping the Cowboy’s pants and sucking his cock. No, there was no spitting and backdoor action that night (that happened later…).

“Good Boy” is one of my favorites. He is SO incredibly nice and we talk about the weather, places to visit and life in general afterwards. He likes for Mommy to masturbate her good boy. For him, the language is very precise, vagina, penis, semen, ejaculate. I have another regular caller with the same type of fantasy except he needs the language to go to the other extreme, cock, cunt, fuck, etc. That’s something you don’t want to mix up! (My notes are extensive) …

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