Let’s talk about sex…

I mean REALLY talk about it!

Guess what? That is the one thing that most couples do NOT do! No one really talks about what they want in the bedroom. They think the other person can read their mind or pick up on clues. It just doesn’t work that way.

What I have learned in my experience is that it’s not just men and women that don’t communicate about their desires, but lesbians, gay men, transgender, it doesn’t matter who you are, most people do not talk about what they want and need in the bedroom.

How do you get past that? You have to talk. Why are they afraid? I think for the most part, they just don’t want to be judged. Honestly, that is what it comes down to.

That is why men call me. I am a voice on the other end of the phone and I don’t judge.

What is your wildest fantasy? Are you able to talk to your partner about it?

I have a friend. She is married to a wonderful man and they are adorable together. She actually told me one day “The only reason I would kick that man out of my bed is to fuck him on the floor.” (Yes, I have funny friends!).

She considers his sex drive to be a little high, like he is ready to go at least once a day. That isn’t the issue, the issue is she a closet kinky girl. She loves toys, would love to be spanked, tied up, made to have wild crazy sex, call him “Daddy” and be fucked hard and often. He is a straight “missionary” man, blow jobs are not even that high on his list. She needs him to get into her head and not just fuck her body but her mind as well.  

I have asked her if she has talked to him about fulfilling her kinkier needs. She has tried buying toys and bring up some of the topics, but she really doesn’t want to be judged.  

From my experience, most of the men I talk to would be over the moon with someone who is willing to try even a few of those things.  

How do you bridge that gap?

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