Bad Mommy!


Charlie and his sister were often left at home with their stepmother while their father traveled on business. Typical of the 1960’s she often dressed in a slip, bra and heels around the house.

Punishment in their home was administered by stepmother. They were ordered to their bedroom, pants or skirt, shoes removed, they were allowed to keep their underwear on. Bent over the bed, they were required to wait. Depending on her mood, it could be anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. They would hear the clicking of her heels on the floor knowing she was on her way.

Her choice of punishment implement was a 36” long belt, brown, folded in half. She would cover their ass and legs with stroke after stroke. Occasionally allowing the end of the belt to wrap around their upper thighs and leave marks they could see to remind them of their transgressions. If she considered it to be exceptionally offensive, she would pick up an electrical cord, doubled over so, wrapped around her hand that she could grip it tightly in her fist and finish off the discipline with strike after strike of the cord.

She never raised her voice, she was always cold and withheld affection at all times. The stepsister would often be on the receiving end for wearing clothes that were deemed “tempting” to the father and the stepmother felt was a threat. Charlie’s transgressions ranged from not responding to her requests quickly enough or not apologizing sincerely enough.

It isn’t unusual for something traumatic that happens in childhood to become a fetish in adulthood. His calls never last long, my tone of voice never falters as I explain how I discipline in a similar manner. My belt of choice is black, it’s also about 1.5” wide and leaves red stripes that last between 1-2 weeks. I have used an electrical cord as well, but reserve it for more extreme transgressions and prefer to have it wrap around the thigh as a more prominent reminder that they are not in control, not ever.

He is a most respectful during our discussions, especially when he hears the sound of leather against skin. Good boy.


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