Fuck my mind, please!

It is obvious that men and women view sex differently. Generally, men view it as a physical pleasure and most women connect emotions to it (not all the time, but generally speaking, which is why so many books have been written on the differences between genders.

Today, I want to talk about the difference between physical and mental sex. Most of us have figured out how to masturbate, some better and more often than others! But there are those of us who crave something more and I am talking about more than just the physical act of sex, what I am talking about is the mental side of sexual pleasure.

For me, if you can get into my head, I can have pleasure and satisfaction that is beyond bliss without even being touched in a sexual way. Most of that comes from my personal Dominance /submission desires. I am a situational switch, meaning I can Dominate others; but in the corners of my mind in the darkness of night, I NEED to submit. Not to just anyone because it’s not any particular physical act. It’s the process of getting into my mind and that is a very rare thing 

There is nothing more erotic to me than the feel of a hand on the back of my neck pulling my head back and a passionate kiss. That makes me go weak in the knees and all those girlie parts tingle.

I want more, I need more. I need to have that deep sexy growl in my ear telling me to be a good girl for Daddy. And no, I don’t have “daddy” issues, it is a dynamic between two people. That is not the only trigger for me, but it certainly has its time and place.  

I have tried so many times to explain Dominance and submission to people, but most think that it has to do with binding someone’s hands or spanking them on the ass. That can be part of the physical, but for me real D/s comes from how you get in my mind.

What do you need?




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