Race Play

I was living in Los Angeles and at a crossroads in my life when I met a nice couple. They explained they were into “Race Play.” Now, keep in mind I was raised in Texas and taught to be a good southern girl (yeah right). Anyway, I asked for an explanation, because for me racism is the ultimate in offensive behavior. He explained that he was a successful white man in his 40’s and had a young nigger slave in her early 20’s who was kept naked when in the house and performed duties as instructed. He was looking for a white woman who understood his fascination with owning a nigger slave and would enjoy submitting to him and Dominating her. Interesting concept, let me get back with you.

I did a little research, because let’s face it, being raised in Texas the “N” word is not something we take lightly. Maybe some people do when they are with like-minded people; however, I was raised in a college town, I had friends from all over the world, different religions, nationalities, races, gender, sexual orientation, etc., I am grossly offended by people who truly hate other people based on those things. So, I did a little more research. And, I verified his credentials (if you ever read this, yes I did).

Anyway, I agreed to meet them and get to know more about their fetish. It was SUCH an extreme for me personally, I was curious. So, I went to the Hollywood Hills and was greeted by the black girl that I had seen in photos. We all talked for a while, getting to know each other and had a wonderful meal prepared by the slave girl. He sat across the table from me and I asked them both questions. She sat at the head of the table completely naked as the day she was born. He explained how they met. She had known she was a slave since she was 15 years old and she needed a white Master.

We met multiple times after that. She was adorable and very ticklish (which she didn’t like) and I guess that brought out a bit of sadist in me because I truly loved tickling her. We had a few sexual encounters and they did have a well-stocked armoire in the bedroom filled with toys for me to choose from to use on her. Cuffs, rope, vibrators, clamps, oh my!

A few years have passed and I was checking to see how they were doing and found out she had been released from service and he is involved with a white woman who is similar in age and has the same proclivities that he does, she loves nigger pussy.

Come on, talk dirty to me, what is your ultimate taboo?

Boujie xoxo



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