Keeping it Clean!

I spent three hours on the phone last night with a long-term client. Part of the call was the usual naughty stuff, how much he loves seeing a woman in leather, petticoats, dating in his youth and the length of time since his last blowjob. Then, he starts talking about his wife and how he is trying to make things better, he is going to make it work! Evidently when they were married (20+ years ago) he performed general household tasks and she did not always voice adequate appreciation so he stopped. He retreated to his basement recliner, pc and started to talk to other women on the phone because they will actually listen to him.

In recent weeks he has started to listen to how much she would like to have the house a certain way. So, he is trying something new, he is doing a project and then tells her about his accomplishment! Such a good boy!

At this point he couldn’t see me shaking my head and the eye roll. Guys, let me tell you something… if you do the laundry and put every single thing away, women will still notice! I can tell when my supply of panties is almost to the bottom of the drawer and when it is full. You don’t need to leave MY things sitting on the bed for me to notice that you found the washing machine. And, if I have lived with you for more than a year and you don’t know where I keep my panties I will thank you and tell you how much I appreciate you, but in the back of my head I am wondering WTF!

It doesn’t matter if you are with someone twenty years or two, when you both live in the same house and it takes teamwork, mutual appreciation and respect.





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