Book Reviews


Her Country Master – The Dungeon Fantasy Club Book 5 – Anya Summers

 Love and kink where you least expect it!

 Elise is from a small town in Kentucky and making her way in Manhattan as an up and coming bridal dress designer when it all goes wrong with one catty socialite who is set on destroying her reputation. She is trying to hold it together privately when her best friend recommends her to the billionaire mogul Declan McDougal to design his fiancée’s dress for their upcoming wedding. She is told about the private members only BDSM club located in the basement of their mansion, but little does she know that the price of admission is submission to the Stetson wearing cowboy Tyler (talk about hot!).

 She gets so caught up in her own insecurities and proving herself capable as a designer that she doesn’t see that her biggest advocate is the man standing in front of her who would do anything to help her both in business and exploring her inner desires. His biggest rule is communication and it is what she fears most.

 This was incredibly well written with details that had me on edge. I haven’t had the opportunity to read any others in this series, but this one stands alone. It just leaves you wanting more!

 (Book received from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review.)


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