Bad Mommy!


Charlie and his sister were often left at home with their stepmother while their father traveled on business. Typical of the 1960’s she often dressed in a slip, bra and heels around the house.

Punishment in their home was administered by stepmother. They were ordered to their bedroom, pants or skirt, shoes removed, they were allowed to keep their underwear on. Bent over the bed, they were required to wait. Depending on her mood, it could be anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. They would hear the clicking of her heels on the floor knowing she was on her way.

Her choice of punishment implement was a 36” long belt, brown, folded in half. She would cover their ass and legs with stroke after stroke. Occasionally allowing the end of the belt to wrap around their upper thighs and leave marks they could see to remind them of their transgressions. If she considered it to be exceptionally offensive, she would pick up an electrical cord, doubled over so, wrapped around her hand that she could grip it tightly in her fist and finish off the discipline with strike after strike of the cord.

She never raised her voice, she was always cold and withheld affection at all times. The stepsister would often be on the receiving end for wearing clothes that were deemed “tempting” to the father and the stepmother felt was a threat. Charlie’s transgressions ranged from not responding to her requests quickly enough or not apologizing sincerely enough.

It isn’t unusual for something traumatic that happens in childhood to become a fetish in adulthood. His calls never last long, my tone of voice never falters as I explain how I discipline in a similar manner. My belt of choice is black, it’s also about 1.5” wide and leaves red stripes that last between 1-2 weeks. I have used an electrical cord as well, but reserve it for more extreme transgressions and prefer to have it wrap around the thigh as a more prominent reminder that they are not in control, not ever.

He is a most respectful during our discussions, especially when he hears the sound of leather against skin. Good boy.


QVC as porn!

Until a couple of years ago I thought QVC was one of those late night shopping channels for people tired of counting sheep.

Boy was I wrong! I cannot begin to tell you how many clients I have who watch QVC instead of porn. What are they watching? Let’s see, they love the women, how they model the shoes, the clothes, the poses, the stockings, the bras.

It’s not just cross dressers who like to shop in the privacy of their own home, but it’s men who just like to watch a girl next door type dressed in pantyhose and heels looking oh so sexy!

So ladies, the next time you get dressed in your pantyhose, heels and suit and you are standing in the elevator going up to your office in the morning and you cross your legs, trust me the man standing next to you isn’t really thinking about the meeting he is running late for, he is listening to the sound of your nylons. And please, don’t get me started about how many men talk about being in a business meeting, sitting at a conference room table and the woman who is dressed nice and conservatively next to him crosses her legs and her skirt rides up just a couple of inches and he hears the nylons covering her legs. If he doesn’t have an erection by the time he leaves the meeting, he will be later in the day. And, possibly I will be the one on the other end of the phone listening to how you were teasing him.

If only I had been aware of the power of the pantyhose and stockings about twenty years ago, I could have ruled the world!

Happy Friday my kinky friends.

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Corn Hole Sunday (Cock Lighter)

Okay you dirty minded people, I was NOT going to go “there” … corn hole is actually a game I discovered since moving to Florida. You can look it up on Wiki, it exists. It’s two wooden boards with a hole in it and you toss these bean bag looking things and try to get them to land on the board or in the hole for points.

There is a group of regulars who get together Sunday afternoon at small little hole in the wall bar to play “corn hole.” Well, I am not much into athletics (giggle), so I sit on the sidelines and talk to people, bitch about the week and indulge in a few adult beverages to combat the heat.

This last Sunday, the conversation took a turn for the dirty when one of my new friends showed up with a lighter shaped like a penis. It was a lighter on one end and the other end controlled the vibrator feature. Needless to say we had a lot of chuckles, photos and a lot of talk about sex.

Mrs. Cock Lighter has been married a couple of times and claims to have had a very wild youth that included a lot of sex. These days, her interest level is lacking and that prompted a conversation about female Viagra. Yes, it does exist however you can also use the male version. How do I know this? I dated a gynecologist for a while and there was a bit of recreational usage (you have to love sample packages). Yes, it does work, however if you have a tendency towards migraines I would not recommend it. I tried both Viagra and Cialis and because they work as a vasodilator and at the moment of orgasm I was hit with horrible migraines. Trust me, it’s not sexy to be coming and run to the bathroom to throw up in a 30 second period. But the basics on how it works is the same as with a man, it increases blood flow to your vagina. She was wondering if trying a medication would help increase her desire. Personally, I think desire starts in the mind and then if you need a little help, you turn to medications. Since they are busy looking for a house, he just had surgery on his shoulder, she needs surgery on her back, give it a year and they will be back fucking like bunnies because they are the cutest couple you can imagine.

Hot blonde biker babe does not show up very often, but she is absolutely hysterical! Her husband drops her off and she spends the afternoon with friends and then he picks her up. She was asking if anyone else ever had the experience where they heard a song and it triggered a memory and got them hot and bothered instantly. Well yes, that has happened! However, she told her husband she was excited, he ran to the bathroom to pop a little blue pill and by the time it took effect, the song had ended and so had her mood. Doesn’t that suck! Seriously, why don’t we get a manual when we hit puberty that says you need to fuck like crazy when you are young because after 40/50/60, it’s just touch and go (sometimes literally)?

Hot Latina chick is a hot mess! She is loud, inappropriate and hysterically funny! Her husband is a little older and a very sweet man; however, because of medical issues he doesn’t have the same interest in sex as she does. It’s probably a good thing because he would have already died from a heart attack. Anyway, she stores her favorite vibrator under her pillow. That’s a convenient place to keep it, unless you forget it is there when your kids come to visit, which has happened to her.

So, what did you talk about this last Sunday afternoon?

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Let’s talk about sex…

I mean REALLY talk about it!

Guess what? That is the one thing that most couples do NOT do! No one really talks about what they want in the bedroom. They think the other person can read their mind or pick up on clues. It just doesn’t work that way.

What I have learned in my experience is that it’s not just men and women that don’t communicate about their desires, but lesbians, gay men, transgender, it doesn’t matter who you are, most people do not talk about what they want and need in the bedroom.

How do you get past that? You have to talk. Why are they afraid? I think for the most part, they just don’t want to be judged. Honestly, that is what it comes down to.

That is why men call me. I am a voice on the other end of the phone and I don’t judge.

What is your wildest fantasy? Are you able to talk to your partner about it?

I have a friend. She is married to a wonderful man and they are adorable together. She actually told me one day “The only reason I would kick that man out of my bed is to fuck him on the floor.” (Yes, I have funny friends!).

She considers his sex drive to be a little high, like he is ready to go at least once a day. That isn’t the issue, the issue is she a closet kinky girl. She loves toys, would love to be spanked, tied up, made to have wild crazy sex, call him “Daddy” and be fucked hard and often. He is a straight “missionary” man, blow jobs are not even that high on his list. She needs him to get into her head and not just fuck her body but her mind as well.  

I have asked her if she has talked to him about fulfilling her kinkier needs. She has tried buying toys and bring up some of the topics, but she really doesn’t want to be judged.  

From my experience, most of the men I talk to would be over the moon with someone who is willing to try even a few of those things.  

How do you bridge that gap?

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Talk Dirty to Me – Typical Day

Typical day?

There is no such thing! You never really know what you are getting into so you need to keep an open mind and be ready for anything.

I had four calls this afternoon and it ranged from “Mr. Sexy Voice” which is one of the more “normal” callers, generally he travels for business and is fascinated by the lingerie he imagines under women’s suits and what their “secrets” may be. He loves to hear a woman cross her legs and the sound that stockings make. Just the sound of his voice makes me wet!

“Potty Chair” (a new caller) wanted toilet training, he wants a woman to sit over his mouth directly or on a potty chair and shit directly into his mouth. He is a “Naughty Boy” and if you are shaking your head wondering “Why?” it’s just that everyone has their own kinks and it is different for everyone. He likes the bitter taste, the smell, the humiliation and I asked him if he likes it solid, soft or soupy. He likes spanking and enemas, but isn’t into golden showers. For him it’s all about the poo!

“Brokeback Mountain” I have been talking to for about four years and his fantasies vary, but it always goes back to him being a boy on his Uncle’s farm for the summer and a hired hand that was supposed to stay with him while he was camping in a tent. It was mutual consent and pleasure, but started with him unzipping the Cowboy’s pants and sucking his cock. No, there was no spitting and backdoor action that night (that happened later…).

“Good Boy” is one of my favorites. He is SO incredibly nice and we talk about the weather, places to visit and life in general afterwards. He likes for Mommy to masturbate her good boy. For him, the language is very precise, vagina, penis, semen, ejaculate. I have another regular caller with the same type of fantasy except he needs the language to go to the other extreme, cock, cunt, fuck, etc. That’s something you don’t want to mix up! (My notes are extensive) …

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Talk Dirty to Me

Not many people know what I do. Once I come “out of the closet” so to speak, there are always questions. I thought I would just go ahead and answer a few and then if you have more, just ask me. I am brutally honest and blunt and some of my language is not for the faint of heart. You’ve been warned.

So, what’s it like? How does it work? Do they know who you are?

When I am on, my phone rings and if it is a new client I am given the client’s name, phone number, my character name and any particulars about what I look like or what their interests are. It’s very general, “You are Rose, 35, 5’6” brunette, green eyes and 34C” and for the client it is very basic; “domination” “cross dressing” “humiliation” “likes to talk.” I have my number blocked when I call them, except when I forget which is NOT something you want to do!

I call the client, ask how they are doing and what is on their mind and that generally starts the conversation. I ask for specifics about their fantasy and the more they give me, the easier it is. A rough call is when they won’t come out and tell me what they like. How am I supposed to fulfill your fantasy if you can’t tell me?

Sometimes I am younger, older, smaller or larger breasts, curvy, black, white, pre-op transgender. It’s basically whatever meets the fantasy. I hate when they tell a client I am black though, I always get “you don’t sound black”… what is the correct response to that? One of the more difficult ones was when I was supposed to be 400 pounds and he wanted to lick between the folds of my fat and feel my thighs crushing around his head while he licked my fat pussy. He liked the “fat smell” whatever that is, bacon perhaps?

How long is a call?

I work for a small company and compared to other ones, I think they are priced very fair. They charge a flat rate for 30 minutes. That means if we are on the phone for six minutes, you still get charged for a 30 minute call. I always let them know they out of time and then they have the option of another call or not. I have one client that is a regular and he is on the phone for 28-29 minutes every time and at the end of the call, the phone just goes dead, he hangs up. At first I thought something had happened, but that is just him. I have had calls last as long as 3 ½ hours. One man buys packages of twelve calls at a time and we play over a couple of days. Some take care of business and then like to talk about work, cooking, the weather.

Have you ever had a call you couldn’t do?

I can talk about pretty much anything. I had one caller that I spoke to a couple of times and then I let the service know that I could not take him again. He wanted me to say that Satan was my Lord and Savior and I accepted him. He was into cutting and all kinds of stuff that were just out there. It probably had more to do with control and getting me to say crap, but even I have limits.

Do you get turned on?

The problem is I don’t always get to talk about what fascinates me, but occasionally I do. There are some people who just have very sexy sounding voices and very erotic fantasies. But, this is about them, it’s their time and how to make them feel special and that you are genuinely interested in what they have to say and their fantasies for a certain period of time (generally 30 minutes or less).

What do they want to talk about?

They talk about everything. I have learned a LOT about men, things I wish I had known when I was much younger. There are a few that want to talk about “normal” sex. There are some that just want to talk about life in general.

There is a huge fascination about having sex with men of other races and being dominated and having their throats and asses filled with cum. More than you can imagine like to cross-dress and be good little sissy boy/girls.

First blog post

Welcome! I want a place where I can share my experiences, my passions and maybe meet new friends along the way. I have been around people of all genders, a lot of lifestyles that some people may not see as mainstream and I always try to keep an open mind and stay curious.

Tell me what you want to talk about and let’s talk dirty!